Bushwacker gives those that work with their truck but still want to look good many options that combine form and function. Fender flares can instantly give a truck an aggressive attitude while still providing protection from debris. These install very easily and Bushwacker has a flare that fits your style.  Bed caps are also designed for everyday use and protects from damage while loading or unloading equipment.

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10 Item(s)

  1. Bushwacker Cut Out

    Starting at: $189.00

  2. Bushwacker DiamondBack Bed Caps

    Starting at: $89.00
    Bushwacker DiamondBack Bed Caps

  3. Bushwacker DiamondBack TailGate Cap

    Starting at: $34.00
    Bushwacker DiamondBack TailGate Cap

  4. Bushwacker Extend A Fender

    Starting at: $170.00

  5. Bushwacker Flat Style

    Starting at: $213.00

  6. Bushwacker OE Style

    Starting at: $205.00

  7. Bushwacker Pocket Style

    Starting at: $229.00

  8. Bushwacker SmoothBack BedRail Caps

    Starting at: $89.00
    Bushwacker SmoothBack BedRail Caps

  9. Bushwacker SmoothBack TailGate Cap

    Starting at: $34.00
    Bushwacker SmoothBack TailGate Cap

  10. Bushwacker Street Style

    Starting at: $177.00


10 Item(s)