Extang is America’s number one selling tonneau and truck bed cover. Show your truck some love and cover it with an Extang. Shop below for the Extang Black Max, Classic Platinum, Full Tilt, Solid Fold, Express, Revolution, Trifecta, Tuff Tonno, Emax or tool box tonneau covers. At Thoroughbred Trucks we offer a full line of Extang truck bed covers that are in stock and ready to ship to your front door.

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  1. Extang BlackMax Cover

    Starting at: $259.00
    Extang BlackMax Cover

  2. Extang Cargo Cleats

    Extang EXT1932

  3. Extang Classic Platinum

    Starting at: $279.00
    Extang Classic Platinum

  4. Extang eMAX Folding Tonneau Cover

    Starting at: $499.00
    Extang eMAX Folding Tonneau Cover

  5. Extang Encore

    Starting at: $919.00
    Extang Encore

  6. Extang Express Cover

    Starting at: $439.00
    Extang Express Cover

  7. Extang Full Tilt

    Starting at: $419.00
    Extang Full Tilt

  8. Extang MaxSeal Tailgate Seal

    Extang EXT1140

  9. Extang Revolution Cover

    Starting at: $439.00
    Extang Revolution Cover

  10. Extang Solid Fold Cover

    Starting at: $699.00
    Extang Solid Fold Cover

  11. Extang Tonno Tonic Cleaner

    Extang EXT1180


Items 1 to 12 of 15 total

  1. 1
  2. 2