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Husky 5th Wheel Tailgate

 Husky 5th Wheel Tailgate

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Part# Husky_Liners_5th_wheel_tailgate

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  • Product Details

    Husky Liners brand Aluminum Accessories are the perfect product to help protect and enhance your truck. Our aluminum truck accessories include contractors' racks, 5th wheel tailgates and sunshades. Thoroughbred Trucks offers the Husky Liners 5th wheel tailgate for your Ford, Chevy, Dodge or GMC pickup truck. Husky's 5th Wheel Tailgates are contoured to specifically match your truck. They are easy to install and use all the factory hinge and latch points. How about fuel savings? These louvered tailgates are half the weight of the factory tailgates - helping you increase gas mileage. They are also easier to open and close - the center locking latch eliminates the need for two separate pull type latches found on other manufacturer's. Your Husky Liners 5th wheel tailgate is made to be simple and easy to install. You can install this yourself right at home in your garage without the need for any special tools, feel free to us at 866-537-2489.
  • Additional Specs

    Is Universal No
    • Finish prevents rust, even if scratched
    • Louvered design improves fuel economy
    • Uses factory hinges and latch points
    • Easy to operate center latch
    • Lightweight aluminum construction
    Thoroughbred Detail N/A
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