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Roll-N-Lock M-Series

Roll-N-Lock M-Series

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Part# Roll_N_Lock_M_Series

Product Details
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  • Product Details

    Now you see it, now you don’t! The Roll-N-Lock M-Series does something few other tonneau covers can; it disappears right before your eyes.

    Truck owners have had a love hate relationship with hard tonneau covers since they first hit the market. Yes, they look great and help improve fuel economy, but they cause the owners to lose some functionality of their truck beds. Roll-N-Lock’s M-Series tonneau cover completely solves that issue. Roll-N-Lock utilizes vinyl coated aluminum slats that when locked in place, give your truck the protection and security of a hard cover. However, in just 30 seconds, the entire cover can be retracted into its compact housing unit providing you with full access to the truck bed.

    Further adding to the convenience and security of the M-Series Roll-N-Lock, it is equipped with a built in tailgate lock to help prevent theft and unwanted snooping. The cover can be locked in three different positions allowing portions of the bed to remain covered, while the other portions can accommodate cargo that is too tall or large for normal tonneau covers.

    All in all, the Roll-N-Lock M-Series is the perfect tonneau cover for the individual that wants security of a hard tonneau cover, but all the flexibility of a soft cover. Roll-N-Lock comes with a 1 year warranty.

  • Additional Specs

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    • TORSION SPRING – On the M-Series™ tonneau cover, Roll-N-Lock employs a heavy-duty torsion spring drive, which is housed in a 3" aluminum reel to ensure years of reliable use.
    • MAXIMUM BED SPACE – With the M-Series tonneau cover fully retracted, the handle mechanism rolls back flush with the face of Roll-N-Lock’s compact housing, allowing more room for unobstructed storage.
    • LOW PROFILE – The M-Series’ sleek appearance is enhanced by a low profile, aerodynamically styled housing lid. The lid is secured to the unit by two screws and two concealed pins.
    • IMPROVED FUEL ECONOMY – With its Aerodynamic Lid, the M-Series will reduce air resistance while driving and can help to improve your fuel economy.
    • DRAINAGE – Recessed drain fittings ensure rapid and complete drainage of the unit housing.
    • CLAMP ON INSTALLATION – Roll-N-Lock’s patented clamp-on track design greatly simplifies the installation process while minimizing the need for drilling holes on most trucks.
    • MULTIPLE LATCHING POSTITIONS – With just a turn of the lock-lever, the Roll-N-Lock tonneau cover slides open. As the cover is pulled back using the convenient built-in pull strap, the patented ratchet-style locking mechanism latches in place at ¼, ½, ¾ or fully closed positions.
    • TAILGATE LOCK – Keep cargo in your truck bed safe with Roll-N-Lock’s patented, built-in tailgate locking system, AutoLock. Our four-point locking system secures the tailgate and bed cover simultaneously for the most secure system possible in a retractable tonneau cover application.
    • FINGER INSULATOR GRIP – For hot, sunny climates, we have developed a finger insulator grip, which allows the handle to be grasped without fingertips being burned.
    • KEY SLOT COVER – For colder regions, we have developed a key slot cover to prevent water from entering the lock mechanism and freezing.
    • UNIQUE CONSTRUCTION – Roll-N-Lock’s contoured, patented hinge design provides smooth, frictionless rotation. In the rotated position, the locking flange functions as a positive stop, minimizing stress on the surface material. In the flat position, the locking flange traps the radius of the adjacent slat, preventing disengagement when a surface load is applied.
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  • Reviews

    Security and durability posted on 3/25/15 by Bcanty


    I bought it 3 years ago and the only thing that broke was one of the latching rods. I recommend heat treating the metal rod or use stiffer ones those two rods are okay. On its 4th year installed on my truck and I only made one repair with JB Weld to the rod and spring latch, and seem to be working fine. I have recommend this to others and they liked, and also purchased.

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