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Warn SDB-160 HB Driving/Spot Light

Warn SDB-160 HB Driving/Spot Light

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Part# WAR37606

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Product Details
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  • Product Details

    The SDB-160HB uses a free curve reflector. A Free Curve reflector is very efficient because it uses the whole reflector. This allows the spot beam to illuminate approximately 235 meters ahead and the driving beam to illuminate the entire surface in front of the vehicle. 

    The SDB-160HB has an internal light frame to protect the lamp from vibration and shock when running off-road, plus an impact resistant polycarbonate body protects the exterior. Heat and weather resistant EPT material helps protects lamp integrity. 
    The lens of the SDB-160HB is protected by a stone guard in a "V"-shape to let air cool the lens surface, allowing extended operation of the lamp. Hardened glass lens has excellent heat and thermal shock resistance, strength and translucency. 

    Easily adjustable illumination angle to 15 degrees up or down. Dual beam control switch includes relay control feature and LED illumination when lamps are in use.
    Part Number: 37606
    Model: SDB-160HB
    Bulb:  H4
    Rating:  12V 100/90-Watt
    Maximum Brightness:  100,000CD
    Spot Beam:  770'/235m
    Driving Beam:  410'/125m
    Beam Color:  White
    Lens Diameter:  5-1/4"/134mm
    Attachment Bolt Dimensions:  13/32"/10mm
    Switch:  1 (12V/24V)
    Relays: 2
    Harness:  1 (H4 TYPE)
    Cord Clamps:  4
    Relay Locating Clamp: 1
    U-clip: 4
    Clip Tape:  4
    Self-Tapping Screw/Washer: 2
    Switch Locating Double-Sided Tape: 1
    WARN SDB-160 100,000 Candlepower Driving/Spot Lights Dimensions 
  • Additional Specs

    Is Universal Yes
    • Dual Beam Control Switch
    • Free Curve Reflector
    • Illuminates 235 Meters Ahead Of Driving Beam
    • Illumination Angle To 15 Degrees Up Or Down
    • Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Body
    • Internal Light Frame
    Thoroughbred Detail N/A
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